John and Betsie McAuley, the second apprentices at Polyface farm with Joel Salatin way back in 1996, have been involved in the pastured poultry business spanning three decades.  Together with their six children, they run Healthy Hen Farms in Oxford, NC, one of the largest pastured poultry operations in the Carolinas.  They produce sales volumes approaching $40,000 per acre with their pastured broiler business alone.

They believe they have perfected this system and built upon the great foundation that was laid during their Polyface time.  They are excited to be able to teach others what they have learned through their experience in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible.


Why Teach through webinars?

John and Betsie have always been interested in teaching others what they have learned along the way.  Over the years, many people across the country have communicated with them about their farming business as well as visited the farm to see the full production operation.  However, this can only scale so much.  They truly want to change the food system for the better and believe that means getting as many people as possible armed with the information they need to fully succeed at this business.  That is how this idea was born.

John has attended many training classes and schools over the years.  One thing that really stood out to him was the fact that these schools generally cost a lot of money to begin with, they require travel costs on top of registration fees, and they require a significant amount of time away from home.  That is not a healthy combination for most farmers!  By structuring the Pastured Poultry Production School as a live webinar series, it allows them to scale the potential audience to a much larger group, it eliminates travel time and costs, and it keeps farmers on their farm (where most of them want to be anyway!)  It also allows them to make the delivery of the courses very efficient, reducing overall cost as much as possible to bring the information within reach of anyone serious about starting a pastured poultry business.