Farmers teaching other farmers everything they need to start and operate a profitable pastured poultry enterprise through 6 highly focused live webinars.


Spend 6 weeks learning the ins and outs from one of the most successful pastured poultry producers out there.  Every detail is covered so by the end of the course, you should be able to go from knowing nothing whatsoever about pastured poultry to successfully running an operation.  You will exit the course with confidence and know exactly what steps you need to take, when to take them, and how much they will cost.  If you have considered starting a new pastured poultry business, have struggled to make an existing business profitable, or simply want to augment your existing farming operation, there is NO BETTER VALUE OUT THERE!


Why This Pastured Poultry Course?

We have attended many different pastured poultry and other farm related sessions at conferences, small farm shows, etc.  We have taught many of those sessions as well.  What we have found is that there is very little time to cover enough detail to make it meaningful for the people attending.  The end result usually looks something like a Powerpoint presentation with as many pictures as possible thrown together and the speaker having to rush through all those pictures to hit on the highlights.  We can tell you from experience that you will not have an easy road ahead of you if you try to start an operation armed with that amount of knowledge.

We wanted to bridge the gap and create a truly unique experience for someone who is serious about starting a pastured poultry business.  We wanted to allow enough time to cover all the details necessary for someone to leave the class and start tomorrow.  We did not want to give a high level overview because that will not help you hit the pasture running.  We wanted to have enough time for folks to ask all the questions they needed to ask in order to make sure they have a very clear picture of what will be required.  We wanted to cover the material over a longer period of time so people could walk away from a session, digest the information they learned, think about questions that were not answered, and come back later with another opportunity to ask more questions.  We wanted to eliminate the need for travel to learn the information, knowing that today's technology allows us to reach a greater audience while at the same time saving everyone the time and expense of having to travel around the country to get the same information.  This is why our course is the absolute best step you could take to set yourself up for success with pastured poultry.  We tell farmers who visit our farm that if they do this right, it will fund all other farming operations they want to run.  Let us teach you how.

John and Betsie McAuley with their six children.

John and Betsie McAuley with their six children.


Find out about us, our history, our apprenticeship on Polyface, and our farming business.

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